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The Pumping Marvellous Foundation is the UK’s patient led Heart Failure charity. Founded by a heart failure patient whose experiences whilst rehabilitating have shaped the Foundation’s goals and principles of a patient-centric charity focused on improved patient outcomes.

Heart Failure is a progressive condition and has currently no cure.  Approximately 75% of heart failure diagnoses are caused by persistent unchecked hypertension or cardiac MI’s (heart attacks).  Recently people are managing to survive with better intervention techniques but are coming out the other side with heart failure.  Prognosis of heart failure patients is less favourable than most common cancers.  Therefore mortality is significant.  Hospital readmission levels are high.  It has been calculated that heart failure admissions equate to over 2% of the total admissions in A&E.

The Foundation’s value in these pathways is to promote HOPE to sufferers, promoting self-care and self-education through peer to peer coaching and support.  We HOPE to have an impact on reducing this ever-increasing burden on the health economy by getting patients and their families actively managing their condition.

Our services and products improve the ability of heart failure patients to self-care, recognising the early symptoms and self-interventions and steps that can be taken to alleviate common symptoms.  An investment in the Pumping Marvellous Foundation is a small investment in comparison to ignoring the problem of heart failure.

You can find out more about Pumping Marvellous here – https://pumpingmarvellous.org/