Pumpkin & Apple Jam

Yields: 12 Servings Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 2 Hr Cook Time: 1 Hr 30 Mins Total Time: 3 Hr 30 Mins

A delicious loose pumpkin and apple jam.  This recipe makes about 12 standard jars.


0/7 Ingredients
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0/8 Instructions
  • Peel and deseed the pumpkin. Roughly dice into large chunks and place into a large pan.
  • Peel and core the apples. Roughly dice into large chunks and place into the pan with the apples.
  • Add the sultanas and water to the pan.
  • Grate the peel from the orange and lemon into the pan. Juice both and add this too.
  • Place the lid on the pan and bring to the boil. Cook until all the fruit is soft.
  • Taking care to avoid splashes, blend the contents of the pan until a smooth puree with no lumps is obtained. If necessary, allow the contents to cool before attempting this.
  • Add the sugar to the mix and bring back to the boil without the pan lid. Allow the mix to boil vigorously until the setting point ( 105 °C ).
  • Prewarm jars with boiling water. Fill jars, fit lids and allow to cool upside down to form a full seal.