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British Board of Agrément

The British Board of Agrément (BBA) provides services that help clients create accountability and mitigate risk. Through extensive research, auditing, inspection, testing and certification, they help to instil confidence in the products, services and systems created, designed and implemented throughout the entire supply chain.

With a 50-year legacy as a trusted certification body, the BBA develops long-term partnerships with clients, assisting in the innovation and development of products and services, enabling continued commercial growth in both the UK and Global marketplaces, while remaining reassuringly impartial. As a for-profit organisation Limited by Guarantee, the BBA looks to reinvest in the industry as a whole for the benefit of all stakeholders.

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British Hydropower Association

The British Hydropower Association, is a non-governmental trade membership organisation dedicated to representing the interests of the UK hydropower community.

The association believes that hydropower, or water power, is one of the most reliable, predictable and least environmentally intrusive of all the renewable energy technologies.  They strive to ensure that the full potential and associated economic and community benefits are fully realised.

Membership of the British Hydropower Association is open to all types of businesses, generators, commercial organisations, academia, charities, community groups anyone involved in, or with an interest in hydropower.  The current membership is diverse, covering all sizes and types of hydropower from pico to pumped storage.

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Building Research Establishment

The Building Research Establishment (BRE) was established in 1921.  Since then it has been engaged in world leading research into virtually every aspect of the built environment.

Originally established as the Building Research Station (BRS), it was tasked by the then government to develop improved building methods and materials to produce the high quality homes desperately needed across the UK.  Some of the earliest successes of the BRS were studies into the behaviour of reinforced concrete in floors and the development of the British Standard for bricks.

Over the years this work continued, expanded and developed.  Research was undertaken into fire safety and also into the effect of climate variations across the UK.  Like most similar government departments it became an Executive Agency in the early 1990’s before being privatised in 1997.

Today the Building Research Establishment, BRE, exists for the public benefit.  The profits from BRE Group businesses are gift-aided to the BRE Trust, who in turn invest in research projects for the public benefit, carried out by the BRE Group, other research partners and by a number of Universities across the UK where the Trust funds PhD studentships.  More details are available on the BRE Trust Website.

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