Heat recovery system for mixer showers

Priority for Completion: Very Low

This recommendation is triggered if the property has a mixer shower and the technology is not already fitted.

This type of innovative technology will no doubt have a role to play in carbon neutral homes of the future. However, at this stage it is often expensive to retrofit in relation to the savings made. As a result we have rated this as being very low priority and suggest it is only considered once other higher priority improvements have already been made.

If you are considering having a new shower / bath / bathroom fitted then this is worth considering as part of the design process.

What is mixer shower heat recovery?

When you have a shower, the hot water used typically runs straight down the drain. As it goes it takes the valuable heat with it, wasting the money you have invested in it. Mixer shower heat recovery uses this waste heat to prewarm the water being supplied to the shower saving you energy.

At the moment this technology is only available for mixer showers not electric showers. The video below explains how the principles work.

NB: We do not endorse this particular product or manufacturer.
Fitting mixer shower heat recovery

Fitting this specialist technology requires expertise. It should only be undertaken by suitably qualified professionals registered with an appropriate scheme.

Other considerations

Plumbing work to household water systems is subject to additional controls. This is important to protect safe water supplies. The work is likely to be subject to Building Control.