Flue gas heat recovery

Priority for Completion: Low

This type of innovative technology will no doubt have a role to play in carbon neutral homes of the future. However, at this stage it is often expensive to retrofit in relation to the savings made. As a result we have rated this as being low priority and suggest it is only considered once other higher priority improvements have already been made.

If you are considering having a new boiler fitted then you should consider this technology as part of the system design.

What is flue gas heat recovery?

When your boiler burns fuel it creates heat and waste gases. We need this heat to warm the water you use but some gets wasted with the exhaust gases. Modern condensing boilers go some way to recover this heat making your boiler more efficient but some heat will always escape.

Flue gas heat recover helps to use more of this heat. Less heat is wasted so your boiler becomes even more efficient and costs less to run. The video below explains how the principles work.

NB: We do not endorse this particular product or manufacturer.
Fitting flue gas heat recovery

Fitting this specialist technology requires expertise. It must only be undertaken by suitably qualified professionals registered with an appropriate scheme.

Flue gas heat recovery can be fitted as a separate unit on the boiler flue. However, some modern boilers now incorporate the technology within a single unit.

Other considerations

Plumbing work to household water systems is subject to additional controls. This is important to protect safe water supplies. Additionally, ensuring boiler flues are properly sealed is necessary to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. This work will to be subject to Building Control.