NHS staff, council workers, teachers, carers, emergency staff, our armed services, construction workers, transport workers, shop staff and everyone else who has played their part to get us through 2020 including those that have stayed at home .......


Thank You NHS & Key Workers
Packing our gift hampers
Treats for our thank you hampers

Well, what a year it has been. Not sure anyone could have predicted the challenges we would all face since January. The only certainty is that it’s not over yet!

But let’s look at the positives:

  • We’re still here;
  • We’ve come together to get the job done;
  • We’ve seen the best in so many people; and
  • We have certainly not given up hope for the future.

Nonetheless, despite everything that has happened, there are some people who have just kept going. By now they must be absolutely exhausted but they have gone above and beyond throughout the year. Some have been launched into the spotlight for doing what they always do. Others have had to adapt and innovate quickly to provide new services and support those in need. We’ve all had to cope in different ways but we wanted to say a really big thank you to some very special people.

Contents for one of our break boxes
A big thank you to NHS and key workers card
A thank you hamper packed to give someone a nice break

As energy efficiency specialists, we often work closely with our public services. This year we have seen first hand some truly extraordinary efforts. There are far too many to mention them all.

Knowing the lengths they have gone to, we thought we’d send some a very small token of our collective appreciation. Nothing we can give fully equates to our gratitude but we thought so many really deserve a break.

Our solution – our team have put together some special treat hampers to provide some special people with a well needed break. We’ll be sending these out over the next month. Each gift we send has been specially packed for its selected recipients. Whilst some will remain private, we’ll also be sharing details about some of our recipients here.

Thank you hampers being packed
A wrapped thank you hamper ready for delivery
A big thank you to NHS and key workers card 2
Goodies to give a well deserved team a surprise break