Hints & Tips at Work

We all want to do our bit.  Safety, sustainability and energy efficiency are important to us all.  Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference, particularly when we act collectively.  Here are some top tips to help at work.

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Fitting a new insulating jacket to a bare hot water tank can save over £100 per year. Costing just a few pounds, the investment can pay itself off in a few months.

Insulate hot water pipes along their full length. Don’t waste the energy you have used to heat your hot water.

Make sure your pans fully cover the rings on your hob to use all of the heat being provided. Use the right sized ring for the pan you are heating.

Insulation prevents heat moving in and out of a building. This makes it even more important for buildings with cooling systems which can benefit in both hot and cold weather.

When cooking you can often use the residual heat to to save energy if you switch your cooker off just before you finish cooking. However, you still need to make sure that your food is properly cooked through.

Only fill your kettle with the water you need. You will save both water and energy.

When did you last test your carbon monoxide alarm? Make sure it works when you need it by testing it weekly. #TestItTuesday

If you need to use a tumble drier, make sure you use a full load and keep the lint filter clean. It will keep your machine working more efficiently saving energy while also reducing any risk of fire.

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. Every year in the UK it kills around 50 people and sends 4000 to A&E for emergency treatment. Make sure you get all your combustion appliances properly serviced and fit an alarm. Good quality alarms are available from most DIY suppliers and take minutes to fit. It could save your life!

Hanging out clothes to dry will save you energy and money over using a tumble drier.

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