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We wish to see a UK where homes are energy efficient and local power generation from renewable sources is the norm.

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YouGen aim to make it easy for people to find the information and energy installers they need to make the best choices in green and efficient energy. There are over 1000 blog posts and dozens of recommended installers across the country that will help you make an informed decision.

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YouGen pride themselves on being a fair, independent and trusted source of information, provided by a team of professionals passionate about renewable and efficient energy.

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RSSLatest from YouGen
  • Energy demand since lock down: how to get the cheapest energy4 June 2020
    Lockdown is having a strange effect on energy usage in the UK. You may have noticed a rise in your energy bills due to staying home more, however the opposite is happening on a wider scale. Electricity use across the country is significantly lower than it should be at this time of year, due to […]
  • Energy industry taking steps to reduce dependence on greenhouse gas sulphur hexafluoride19 May 2020
    If you're walking down the right path, eventually you'll make progress. – Barack Obama The former president was only half right, unfortunately, when he made his famous remark. As all of us know only too well, if you’re headed down the wrong path and you keep going, you will indeed make progress, but perhaps in […]
  • Government announces plans for the future of green heat15 May 2020
    An eagerly awaited consultation on the decarbonisation of heat has produced proposals with significant implications for the domestic green heat sector. Ongoing until July, the consultation has produced encouraging information on the replacement of the Renewable Heat Incentive and has revealed plans of government support for installing low carbon heat technologies in domestic settings. These […]
  • How do hydrogen fuel cells actually work?1 May 2020
    Hydrogen fuel cells have been hailed as the ‘fuel of the future’, because of their efficient and environmentally friendly potential. They can be up to 3 times more efficient than the combustion engines usually seen in cars, and only produce water and heat as waste products. KPMG’s global automotive executive survey found that the automotive […]
  • How to save energy whilst working from home14 April 2020
    As we are currently in lockdown many of us are unexpectedly settling into a new routine of working from home. Amidst juggling childcare, working long hours and feeling anxiety during a global pandemic, the last thing we need is to be worrying about bigger-than-usual energy bills. Although it is inevitable that you will be consuming […]